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Evergreen Trees

Available at our 2020 Saturday Tree Sales

    April 25

    May 2, 9, 16

       302 E North St

    Cambridge, WI

    9am - 2pm


Hemlock, Canadian

(Tsuga canadensis) Native

A most graceful evergreen; softer appearing than spruces and pines...requires good garden soil and will grow in complete shade or in sun...can be sheared into a hedge or left alone it will reach 50 ft. tall and 30 ft. wide in the home landscape (see top picture above)...two trees planted in shade at Nikolay middle school in Cambridge have averaged 14 inches of annual growth.



Larch, American

see 'Shade Trees' tab above



Pine, Eastern White

(Pinus strobis) Native

Pictured above, this is the iconic evergreen of northern Wisconsin...exuding less formality and greater character as it matures...features the softest and longest needles of any native evergreen...faster growing at 18-24 inches annually, reaching 60 ft. tall and 30 ft. wide under home landscape conditions...specimens over 100 ft. high are somewhat common up north; and the highest in Wisconsin is over 150 ft...trees reaching 200 feet tall were noted in the Wisconsin forest primeval... easy to grow in most soils provided they're well drained.

  2 ft. tall: $24

  3-4 ft. tall: $48



Spruce, Black Hills

(Picea glauca densata)

An offshoot of our native white spruce but acclimated to harsher, more exposed growing such, it's a great choice for recently developed subdivisions...greater branch density (see above) than most evergreens provides a more formal character...cones are much smaller than other spruces, reaching only one to two inches long...known to be slower growing than Norway spruce, they reach 40 ft. tall and 20 ft. wide in most landscapes.




Spuce, Colorado Blue

(Picea pungens)

Formal, attention grabbing evergreen that tolerates exposed, windswept areas...slower growing, adding 12 inches of growth annually...two to four-inch cones are smaller than those of Norway spruce...reaches 30 ft. tall and 15 ft. wide as a lawn tree.



Spruce, Norway

(Picea abies)

Fast growing, beautiful and adaptable evergreen...easy to grow in any well drained soil...withstands windswept, exposed areas...dark green, lustrous needles that keep their color even during the worst winters...four to six inch cones are colored an ornamental red when young (pictured above) maturing to light brown...reaches 50 ft. tall and 25 ft. wide at a pace of 18 inches annually.

  2-3 ft. tall: $38 (includes free mulch)

  3-4 ft. tall: $48



Profits from our tree sales have gifted and established 1000 additional living trees in Cambridge since 2006


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