Cambridge Tree Project
Cambridge Tree Project

The safe and easy way to buy trees and shrubs in the Madison area!

Our trees are sized to readily fit into sedans and SUVs but large enough to provide quick landscape impact.


Spring 2022 availability can be found on the tabs above.


Reserve your trees by email or phone. 


Schedule curbside pickup in Cambridge any day of the week from 7am to 7pm beginning in April 2022.


Delivery rates available by request. 

Popular Species:

  • Magnolia, Pink
  • Redbud
  • Spruce
  • Crabtree, Pink
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Ginkgo
  • Dogwood, Pagoda
  • Maple, Red
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Sycamore
  • See tabs for more!

Contact Us:

  608x513 1977


Spring Availability:


Our current inventory can be found on the tabs in the upper left hand corner of this page. Smart phone users look for the three horizontal bars and click on them to see the menu.


Our website is updated daily.

Our Mission:


Affordable and interesting trees and shrubs for your home with proceeds helping landscape Cambridge, Wisconsin schools, streets and parks.


Choose from 50 species of trees and shrubs, most of which easily fit into a sedan and take little time to plant and care for. 


See menu above for complete, updated selection of all available trees and shrubs.


Our first donation in 2008 was four Allegheny serviceberries to the school environment club:


Add 1,000 living trees to Cambridge village forest by 2020: 

Over 1000 living trees have been added to the Cambridge village forest.

Increase species diversity of our community forest. 

  • 2004: 70% of public trees were ash and maple. 35 different species.
  • 2021: 17% ash and maple. 177 species, the most of any municipality in Wisconsin.

History: Founded 2007 in Cambridge

Who can buy trees? Anyone - regardless of where one lives. Trees must be picked up curbside in Cambridge.

Living Donations:

  • 816 street trees
  • 68 park trees
  • 56 school district trees
  • 193 trees to CamRock Park
  • 47 trees donated to Village residents for planting on private property
  • 346 trees sold through tree sales and planted on private property in Village


Photo Gallery of Trees:

Sycamore: this tree was 6 ft. tall when planted in 2006 on the 200 block of North Street. It is now 54 ft. tall, growing at a rate of 47 inches every year.




Red Horsechestnut: one of our most-requested trees. This tree is on the 300 block of North Street and has averaged 16" of annual growth with regular watering.




Buckeye and Goldenraintree: planted along North Alley, on the left is an Ohio buckeye with tan-colored buckeyes. On the right is a goldenraintree with interesting light green seed pods.




Minnesota Strain Redbud: two years after planting, pictured in June. This tree grew to 14 feet tall in six years. This redbud cultivar is one the few hardy redbuds for our area, easily handling even the coldest winters. 

Proceeds from our tree sales have gifted and established over 1000 additional living trees in Cambridge since 2006

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