Cambridge Tree Project
Cambridge Tree Project

Saturday Tree Sales have concluded for 2019

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Cambridge, WI

9am - 2pm


Top Sellers:

  • Pink Magnolia              
  • Redbud                                
  • Red Maple                          
  • Spruce
  • Birch                            
  • Serviceberry                      
  • Pagoda Dogwood
  • Crabtree
  • Oak
  • Sycamore
  • Ginkgo
  • Katsuratree

Our Mission:


Affordable and interesting trees and shrubs for your home with proceeds helping landscape Cambridge schools, streets and parks.


See menu above for complete, updated selection of all available trees and shrubs.


Our first donation in 2008 was four Allegheny serviceberries to the school environment club:


Add 1,000 living trees to Cambridge village forest by 2020: through 2019 over 1000 living trees have been added to the Cambridge village forest.

Increase species diversity of our community forest. In 2004 70% of public trees in the Village of Cambridge were ash and maple and we had 35 different species. We're now 21% ash and maple and have over 150 species of trees growing within our village.

History: Founded 2007 in Cambridge

Who can buy trees? Anyone - regardless of where one lives. Trees must be purchased at our spring tree sales or by appointment. We do not ship trees.




  • 645 street trees
  • 84 park trees
  • 94 school district trees
  • 123 trees to CamRock Park
  • 43 trees donated to Village residents for planting on private property


The number of tree species in Cambridge has grown from 35 to 155 over the past 11 years. The following trees can be observed growing thoughout our community:

Alder, European
Ash, Green
Ash, White
Aspen, Trembling
Beech, American
Beech, European
Birch, Gray (Whitespire)
Birch, Himalayan
Birch, Paper
Birch, River
Birch, Swamp
Birch, Yellow
Buckeye, Bottlebrush
Buckeye, Ohio
Buckeye, Red
Buckeye, Yellow
Catalpa, Chinese
Catalpa, Farges
Catalpa, Northern
Catalpa, Teas
Cedar, Red
Cedar, White
Cherry, Sargent
Chestnut, American
Chokecherry, Amur
Coffeetree, Kentucky
Corktree, Amur
Cottonwood, Eastern
Dogwood, Corneliancherry
Dogwood, Kousa
Dogwood, Pagoda
Elm, American
Elm, Lacebark
Elm, Siberian
Elm, Smoothleaf
Evodia, Korean
Filbert, Turkish
Fir, Balsam
Fringetree, American
Goldenrain Tree
Hawthorn, Cockspur
Hawthorn, English
Hawthorn, Green
Hawthorn, Washington
Hazelnut, Farges
Hemlock, Canadian
Hickory, Shagbark
Hornbeam, American
Hornbeam, European
Hornbeam, Korean
Horsechestnut, Common
Horsechestnut, Japanese
Horsechestnut, Red
Larch, American
Larch, European
Larch, Japanese
Linden, American
Linden, Littleleaf
Linden, Mongolian
Linden, Silver
Locust, Black
Maackia, Amur
Magnolia, Cucumber
Magnolia, Kobus
Magnolia, Loebner
Magnolia, Saucer
Magnolia, Star
Magnolia, Sweet Bay
Magnolia, Umbrella
Magnolia, Yellow Cucumber
Maple, Amur
Maple, Freeman
Maple, Hedge
Maple, Henry's
Maple, Ivy-Leaved
Maple, Japanese
Maple, Korean
Maple, Manchurian
Maple, Miyabei
Maple, Montpelier
Maple, Nikko
Maple, Norway
Maple, Painted
Maple, Paperbark
Maple, Red
Maple, Shantung
Maple, Silver
Maple, Sugar
Maple, Sycamore
Maple, Tatarian
Maple, Trident
Maple, Tri-Flower
Mountain Ash, European
Mulberry, Red
Oak, Black
Oak, Bur
Oak, Chestnut
Oak, Chestnutleaf
Oak, Chinkapin
Oak, English
Oak, Mongolian
Oak, Northern Pin
Oak, Nuttals
Oak, Oriental White
Oak, Pin
Oak, Red
Oak, Sawtooth
Oak, Shingle
Oak, Shumard
Oak, Swamp Chestnut
Oak, Swamp White
Oak, White
Oak, Willow
Osage Orange
Paw Paw
Pear, Flowering
Persimmon, American
Pine, Austrian
Pine, Eastern White
Planetree, London
Redbud, Eastern
Redwood, Dawn
Rubber Tree, Hardy
Scholartree, Japanese
Silverbell, Carolina
Smoketree, American
Spruce, Black Hills
Spruce, Colorado Blue
Spruce, Norway
Spruce, White
Sterwartia, Japanese
Sweetgum, American
Tree Lilac, Japanese
Walnut, Black
Willow, Corkscrew
Willow, Weeping
Yellowwood, American

Photo Gallery of Trees:

Sycamore: this tree was 6' tall when planted 11 years ago on the 200 block of North Street. It is now 45' tall, growing at a rate of 48" every year.




Red Horsechestnut: one of our most-requested trees. This tree is on the 300 block of North Street and has averaged 16" of annual growth with regular watering.




Buckeye and Goldenraintree: planted along North Alley, on the left is an Ohio buckeye with tan-colored buckeyes. On the right is a goldenraintree with interesting light green seed pods.




Redbud: two years after planting, pictured in June. This tree grew to 14 feet tall in six years.

Profits from our tree sales have gifted and established 1000 additional living trees in Cambridge since 2006

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