Cambridge Tree Project
Cambridge Tree Project

Plants with Purpose!

Proceeds from our online tree sales have gifted and established over 1000 additional living trees in Cambridge since 2006.

The easy way to buy premium quality, affordable trees and shrubs in the Madison area!

Reserve trees online and schedule curbside pickup in Cambridge seven days weekly beginning early April 2023.


We offer species with proven local performance based on extensive research of over 1300 trees planted throughout Cambridge over the past 17 years.


Questions about how to choose, plant, or care for your trees? With over 15 years of urban forestry experience, we can help!


Our plants are sized to readily fit into sedans and SUVs but large enough to provide immediate landscape impact.



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- We offer select grade nursery stock from several of America's premiere landscape nurseries.


- Our trees have well developed root systems and are graded to include side branching whenever possible. Trees without side branching are noted as 'seedlings' in our plant descriptions.



- For easiest lifting, transport, and planting, we only offer bare root and container-based trees and shrubs:

- Nearly all of our container stock is grown using 'root pruning' propagation, a process that encourages development of dense, fibrous root systems. These plants begin growing the first year they're planted and grow more quickly than conventionally propagated material.



- We guaranty our trees and shrubs will leaf out by June 1 of the year they are purchased.


- Trees and shrubs must be planted in accordance with instructions provided when purchased: roots cannot dry out; water immediately when planted; mulch with organic material and water weekly if it doesn't rain.


- A replacement will be offered if your plant doesn't leaf out by June 1. If we don't have the same plant in stock your purchase price will be refunded.


- Replacement trees must be picked up in Cambridge.


- Our liability is limited to purchase price of the item being replaced. Purchaser acknowledges this when ordering.


- Trees purchased after June 1 are sold as is.


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     Personal check

     Cash app


  Other Options:



     Credit Card (over the phone)


Your order will be reserved when we receive payment. 


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Add 1,000 trees to the Cambridge village forest by 2020: 

   We reached our goal one year early, in 2019.

Increase species diversity of our community forest:

  - 2004:

         70% of public trees were ash and maple

         35 different species of trees

  - 2022:

         16% of trees are ash and maple

         184 species, the most of any municipality in Wisconsin


Living Donations:

  - 806 street trees

  - 91 park trees

  - 64 school district trees

  - 164 CamRock Park trees

  - 85 donated trees planted on private property


Proceeds from our online tree sales have gifted and established over 1000 additional living trees in Cambridge since 2006

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