Cambridge Tree Project
Cambridge Tree Project

Saturday Tree Sales

April 27       May 4, 11, 18 2019

302 E North St

Cambridge, WI

9am - 2pm


Top Sellers:

Pink Magnolia                  Redbud                                     Red Maple                           Spruce

Birch                             Serviceberry                       Pagoda Dogwood






Our Mission:

Affordable and interesting trees and shrubs for your home with proceeds helping landscape Cambridge and Rockdale schools, streets and parks.


See menu above for complete, updated selection of all available tree and shrubs.


Our first donation in 2008 was four Allegheny serviceberries to the school environment club:


Add 1,000 living trees to Cambridge village forest by 2020: through 2018 over 950 living trees have been added to the Cambridge village forest.

Increase species diversity of our community forest. In 2004 70% of public trees in the Village of Cambridge were of two species: ash and maple. We're now less than 23% ash and maple and have over 100 species of trees planted.

History: Founded 2007 in Cambridge

Who can buy trees? Anyone - regardless of where one lives. Trees must be purchased at our spring tree sales. We do not ship trees.

Photo Gallery of Trees

Redbud: two years after planting, pictured in June. This tree grew to 14 feet tall in six years.

Red Buckeye: This tree was only three years old when pictured in 2007 but was already producing red flowers. It's one of the few trees that consistently flowers in deep shade. Growth has averaged 17 inches annually (with regular watering) in our yard and reaches only 20 feet tall making it an ideal tree for small spaces or patios. Fall color is not impressive but during the summer the leaves look nice.

When Planted:

Five Years Later:

All profits support planting trees in Cambridge and Rockdale common areas.

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