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Ornamental Trees

Mature height generally less than 25 feet



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Dogwood, Yellow Flowering

(Cornus mas)

This small and slow growing (6 inches annually) ornamental is the first tree locally to flower, arriving as early as mid-March in warm springs...yellow flowers (see top, above) look especially good in front of red brick and evergreens...also features mottled tan bark and little red edible but not that flavorful cherries (both pictured above)...the leaves are not bothered whatsoever by Japanese beetles...fall color is a subdued wine red...reaches 20 ft. tall and 15 ft. wide...this dogwood is featured prominently at Olbrich Botanical Gardens along the main trail heading east to Starkweather Creek.

  5-6 ft. tall $78



Horsechestnut, Red Flowering

(Aesculus x carnea 'Briotti' and 'Ft McNair')

One of our most-requested trees...reddish-pink flowers in May/June that everybody will notice and ask you fall color to speak of but the leaves look great throughout summer and early fall...a tree planted on the 300 block of North Street is averaging over 15 inches of growth annually with regular watering...without regular watering ten red horsechstnuts average ten inches of growth annually in  Cambridge as street and park trees...expect this tree to reach 30 to 40 ft. high with time.

  4 ft. tall: $48 (includes free mulch)

  6-7 ft. tall: $128 (includes free mulch)





Pink & Red Flowering Magnolias     

(Magnolia x)

Choose among numerous colorful magnolia varieties that mature to sizes between ten and 25 ft. tall:

'Galaxy' is the largest of them all, it can top out up to 25 ft. with an upright, narrow form to only 15 ft. wide...leaves hold up well in late summer even during wet are pictured immediately above. 

  3-4 ft. tall $54

'Genie' reaches 15 to 20 ft. high with dark maroon flowers that re-bloom during summer months...leaves hold up well all summer unlike other purple/red flowering magnolias.

  3-4 ft. tall: $58

'Leonard Messell' has lighter pink flowers with white interiors...will reach 15 ft. tall and wide.

  5 ft. tall $128




White Flowering Magnolia

(Magnolia x stellata 'Royal Star')


'Royal Star' matures to only 15 ft. high by 12 ft. wide...features a reliable burst of white each spring: pink buds open to pleasantly fragrant, dense white flowers in late April (see picture above)...clean dark green foliage looks great all when only several feet tall, so no waiting around!

    5 ft. tall: $128



Yellow Flowering Magnolia

(Magnolia acuminata x 'Butterflies')


'Butterflies' grows ten inches annually here in Cambridge...reaches 20 ft. tall and 15 ft. wide in a pyramidal tree form. Flowers prior to leaf emergence for optimal impact. 

  4 ft. tall: $58

  5 ft. tall: $68



Maple, Japanese

(Acer palmatum 'Emperor I')

'Emperor I' is the best red-leaved Japanese maple because its rich crimson leaf color holds up through the summer months instead of turning dark purple...fall color is an exceptionally vibrant red (see above)...leaves appear two weeks later than other varieties of Japanese maples making them hardier than seedling grown stock...finally, 'Emporer I' is faster growing, reaching 15 ft. high and wide at a rate of 18 inches annually with regular watering...tolerates shade but the leaves are usually a less vivid red in that setting...exceptional architectural shape and graceful branching.

  4-5 ft. tall: $44 (includes free pot of mulch)




Paw Paw

(Asimina triloba)

Exceptional buttery yellow fall leaf color (see picture above, taken at the UW Arboretum) on larger, droopy and tropical looking leaves...edible, flavorful and highly nutritious fruit arrive in fall (at least two trees are required to assure cross pollination)...will reach 15-20 ft. high and wide...locally, a paw paw planted near Nikolay School on South Street is growing 15 inches annually...nearly native, it grows across the lake in lower Michigan in the forest understory.

  1 ft. tall: $38



Redbud, Eastern

(Cercis canadensis 'Minnesota Strain')

Our bestselling tree has one of the best spring flower shows around: a purple/pink spectacle that appears on all branches, not just the prior year’s growth as with most flowering trees…also boasts attractive slate grey and reddish mottled bark (see photo immediately above) and heart shaped leaves which emerge a reddish purple and turn a warm yellow in the fall…redbuds grow to about 20 ft. high at 12 inches annually locally...initial growth of younger trees is closer to 18 inches annually…we offer the most cold hardy cultivar available to assure hardiness in our area.

  5 ft. tall: $58 (includes free mulch)



Proceeds from our tree sales have gifted and established 1000 additional living trees in Cambridge since 2006


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