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Mature height generally less than 25 feet


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Cherry, Pink Flowering

(Prunus sargentii 'Spring Wonder') 

Most pink flowering cherries are better suited for the Tidal Basin than here in hardiness zone 5...however, we now offer a fully hardy pink flowering cherry that also provides you a more compact size: maturing to only 25 ft. tall and 20 ft. wide...also, the habit is vase shaped (see top photo above) which is easier to integrate into more landscape scenarios...additional attractions include polished mahogany bark (pictured immediately above) and shiny dark green foliage that turns bronze to red in fall.

  9-10 ft. tall: $98




Crabtree, Red Flowering

(Malus x 'Prairiefire')

'Prairiefire' is the best red flowering crabtree: for starters, long lasting, vibrant purplish red flowers put other flowering trees on notice each spring (see both photos above)...smaller, less messy red fruits are brighter and glossier than other crabs...dark reddish green leaves appear healthier than the muted purple leaves of most of the other red flowering crabs...the leaves also feature good resistance to the various leaf maladies that impact crabs locally during wet, cloudy weather...upright to rounded shape that matures to 20 ft. high and wide...we've found the growth of 'Prairiefire' to be slower than other crabtrees in Cambridge, expect around ten inches annually.

  6-7 ft. tall: $68




Hawthorn, White

(Crataegus viridis 'Winter King')

A superior ornamental with four season appeal: tan and silver exfoliating bark (pictured immediately above)...brightly attractive persistent red berries (shown at top above) for the duration of winter months and white flowers in spring; also features a vase shaped branching structure that help accentuate its superior ornamental features...this tree has small thorns which are said to help protect bird populations against predation...grows to 20 ft. high and wide at an impressive rate of 18 inches locally here in Cambridge...leaves and fruits are more resistant to unsightly rust than most hawthorns and crabtrees.

  9 ft. tall: $98





Horsechestnut, Red Flowering

(Aesculus x carnea ''Fort McNair')


One of our most requested trees...reddish pink flowers in May/June that everybody will notice and ask you fall color to speak of but the leaves look great throughout summer and early fall...a tree planted on the 300 block of North Street is averaging over 15 inches of growth annually with regular watering...without regular watering 12 red horsechestnuts average ten inches of growth annually in Cambridge as street and park trees...expect this tree to reach 30 to 40 ft. high with time.

  5-6 ft. tall 'Ft McNair': $68






Magnolia, Light Pink Flowering

(Magnolia x 'Leonard Messel')

This magnolia’s light pink flowers feature soft white interiors (pictured above) and are known to be incredibly fragrant, even for a magnolia...natural form is more shrub like (15 ft. tall and wide) unless trained into a tree form...slower growing and worth the wait!

  2-3 ft. tall 'Leonard Messel' $48




Magnolia, Pink Flowering (Shrub Form)

(Magnolia x 'Jane)

Reddish purple flowers with white interiors profusely expressed over multiple trunks characterize 'Jane' magnolia's vibrant arrive later than other magnolias assuring impact even during cooler springs...reaches 12 ft. tall and ten ft. wide at slow rate, averaging six inches annually...easy to grow in any soil that is free draining...all magnolias require good drainage and as such they are not good choices for recently-developed subdivisions where compacted soils are commonly found.

  3 ft. tall multi trunked: $48




Magnolia, Yellow Flowering

(Magnolia acuminata 'Butterflies')


One of our most requested trees due to reliable and beautiful yellow spring flowers...'Butterflies' magnolia grows ten inches annually here in Cambridge and reaches 20 ft. tall and 15 ft. wide in a pyramidal tree can also be trained into a shrub form (see picture immediately above) through regular appear prior to leaf emergence for optimal impact...all magnolias require good drainage and as such they are not good choices for recently developed subdivisions where compacted soils are commonly found.

  4 ft. tall: $58




Maple, Japanese

(Acer palmatum 'Emperor I')

'Emperor I' is the best red-leaved Japanese maple because its rich crimson leaf color holds up through the summer months instead of turning dark purple...fall color is an exceptionally vibrant red (see above)...leaves appear two weeks later than other varieties of Japanese maples, making them hardier than seedling grown stock...finally, 'Emperor I' is faster growing, reaching 15 ft. high and wide at a rate of 18 inches annually with regular watering...tolerates shade but the leaves are usually a less vivid red in that setting...exceptional architectural shape and graceful branching.

  2-3 ft. tall: $38




Paw Paw

(Asimina triloba)

Exceptional buttery yellow fall leaf color (see picture above, taken at the UW Arboretum) on larger, droopy and tropical looking leaves...edible, flavorful and highly nutritious fruit arrives in fall (at least two trees are required to assure cross pollination)...will reach 15-20 ft. high and wide...locally, a paw paw planted near Nikolay School on South Street is growing 14 inches annually...nearly native, it grows across the lake in lower Michigan in the forest understory.

  1-2 ft. tall: $18

  2-3 ft. tall: $28




Redbud, Eastern

(Cercis canadensis 'Minnesota Strain')

Most redbuds won't survive the extreme cold of our worst winters, which is why we exclusively carry 'Minnesota Strain' - the most cold hardy cultivar available...should you decide on a redbud, prepare for one of the most vivid spring flower shows in your neighborhood: a purple/pink spectacle that appears on all branches, not just the prior year’s growth as with most flowering trees…also boasts attractive slate grey and reddish mottled bark (see photo immediately above) and heart shaped leaves which emerge a reddish purple and turn a warm yellow in the fall…redbuds grow to about 20 ft. high at 12 inches annually locally...initial growth of younger trees is closer to 18 inches annually.

  6-7 ft. tall single trunk: $48

  7-8 ft. tall single trunk: $78

  7-8 ft. tall multiple trunks: $88  




Proceeds from our tree sales have gifted and established 1000 additional living trees in Cambridge since 2006


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