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Trees available at our final 2017 Saturday Tree Sale!    April 29

Beech, Copper (Fagus sylvatica 'purpuria') As featured on Downton Abbey!...this is the beech of great estates the world over...slow growing but with time becomes massive (to 80' tall) and can live for 300+ years...leaves unfurl copper and mature to purple...beautiful smooth grey bark...we've planted copper beeches throughout Cambridge in prominent of the best trees for climbing! Copper beech: Sold Out for 2017; American beech: 2-3' tall $38

Birch, River (Betula nigra) The best all-around native birch tree for suburban lawns...grows in poor soil including those that are seasonally wet...six street trees planted locally are averaging just over 19" of annual growth without watering...exfoliating orange/tan bark (not the white bark of paper birch) and a nice clear yellow fall color 8-9' tall SALE $48

Buckeye, Ohio and Yellow (Aesculus glabra and flava) Buckeyes are great choices to plant in areas with a lot of shade...they're the first trees to leaf out in Cambridge, usually by early April...both trees have shown to be slower growing when planted in shade or sun; Ohio averages only 9" annually and yellow at 12"...interesting yellow flowers arrive in June...buckeye nuts will eventually appear: Ohio buckeye nuts have a prickly cover (like a horsechestnut) and yellow buckeyes have a smooth skin...palmately compound leaves look great during the summer months and exceptional red fall color on our 'Sunset' selection of the Ohio buckeye...Yellow buckeye will grow 60' tall or more with age whereas Ohio is usually shorter than that...easy to grow just about anywhere Ohio 'Sunset' buckeye: 6' tall SOLD OUT; Ohio (species) 7-8' tall SALE $78; We also have 2-3' tall yellow buckeyes for $28


Catalpa (Catalpa speciosa) SUPER fast growing (26" + annually locally) white flowering tree that grows nearly anywhere...the white flowers, at close inspection, are said to be the most beautiful of all American flowering trees 5' tall SALE $38

Coffeetree, Kentucky (Gymnocladus dioicus) A rare and beautiful native that is one tough tree: able to grow successfully in virtually any soil except consistently wet...20 trees planted along Cambridge streets in poor soil (compacted gravel, in some cases) are averaging 10" annually...a tree planted in better soil near the Methodist church on Water Street has averaged 24" annually over the past eight years...sparse looking when young but with age becomes a beautiful tree, with a pleasing form in all seasons...interesting leaves with nice yellow fall color...textured bark...on female trees large purple seed pods turn dark brown and persist through winter...similar to honeylocust, the fine leaves provide a light shade under which grass will grow nicely...this tree is late to leaf out in spring 7-9' tall SALE $58

Crabtree: White Flowering (Malus x 'Spring Snow') 'Spring Snow' is fruitless and reaches around 20-25' fairly quickly at well over 20" growth annually...the corner of High and North streets features eight spring snows planted in a row...the flowers are especially pronounced every other year...'Spring Snow' is supposedly susceptible to one of the three common crabtree leaf blights but I've not noticed it even once over the past 12 years locally 5-6' tall SALE $48

Dogwood, Pagoda (Cornus alternifolia) Native dogwood that has an attractively tiered, horizontal branching pattern...a bushy, small tree that reaches 15-20 feet tall at a rate of about 12” annually…fragrant white flowers bloom from late May to early June for a week or two…like most dogwoods, pagodas prefer life in the shade: best landscape conditions include a few hours of morning sun and then shade in the afternoon sold out for 2017

Elm, American (Ulmus x) The elm cultivars now available are highly resistant to Dutch elm disease...they are fast growing, vase-shaped attractive trees with glossy, deep green leaves that turn yellow in fall...Elms withstand poorly-drained, thin soils and as well as drought...they grow quickly: elms planted in Cambridge over the past ten years are averaging 24" of annual growth sold out for 2017

Ginkgo (Gingko biloba x 'Windover Gold') A favorite of Frank Lloyd Wright, ginkgo trees feature what might be the most distinctive leaf of any deciduous tree: they're shaped like a fan; and nearly all of them fall off within a 24 hour time period in the autumn; as you can guess this reduces the rake-up hassle considerably...leaves also have an exceptional clear-yellow fall color…Ginkgos are considered by many to be one of the most trouble-free trees available: no bugs or diseases are known to bother them and they are extremely hardy once established…during a recent hot, dry summer Ginkgos planted along Greenway Boulevard in Middleton looked great in late August whereas leaves on lindens, maples and other trees were drooping or browned-off...growth is slow, maybe 8-10” a year if watered regularly…trees in China are known to be over 1,000 years old. 7-9' tall SALE $98

Hawthorn: White and Scarlet Flowering (Crataegus x 'Paul's Scarlet' and 'Winter King') A much better choice than crabtree due to four season appeal...Winter King has white flowers, grows to 25' and has the added bonus of tan and silver exfoliating also has some of the best persistent red berries...Paul's Scarlet has red flowers with a splash of white in the middle and red berries in the fall/winter. Winter King 2' tall SALE $18; Paul's Scarlet 8' tall SALE $68; 9-12' tall SALE $88

Hornbeam, American (Musclewood) (Carpinus vinginiana) Fine-textured understory tree with smooth silver bark similar to American beech...excellent red to orange fall color...native along rivers and streams...happily grows in sun or complete shade...excellent choice for patios and in front of larger trees. We've recorded reasonably fast growth of the eight younger hornbeams planted throughout our Village: 18" annually.  2-3' tall SALE $28

Horsechestnut, Common (Aesculus hippocastanum) The European cousin of our domestic buckeye trees...the classic white flowering shade tree you can find in most older downtown areas...interesting palmate leaves...yes these trees have buckeye nuts which fascinate kids and squirrels...we also carry a seedless version, the 'Baumann' horsechestnut...the species horsechestnuts have averaged an impressive 17" of growth annually here in Cambridge. 5-7' tall 'Baumann' seedless SALE $98


Horsechestnut, Red Flowering (Aesculus x carnea 'Ft McNair') One of our most-requested trees...reddish-pink flowers in May/June that everybody will notice and ask you fall color to speak of but the leaves look great throughout the summer...a tree planted on the 300 block of North St is averaging over 14" of growth annually with regular watering...this tree will eventially reach 30-40' 5-6' tall SALE $98

Katsura Tree (Cercidyphyllum japonica) Considered by tree snobs to be one of the most beautiful and desirable specimen trees...long-lived, low maintenance and attractive in all seasons...leaves have an interesting round shape that flickers in the wind throughout summer, remaining disease free (Japanese beetles won’t touch this tree) well into autumn when they turn a nice amber-orange color...exceptional resistance to insects and diseases...only liability is a need for regular watering when young...a katsuratree growing in the Nakoma neighborhood in Madison is 65’ tall...we are seeing 18" annual growth from the ten katsuratrees planted throughout Cambridge...despite being listed as a tree needing full sun, we've found katsura trees to grow no more slowly in the partial shade of other trees 2' tall $28

Linden (Basswood) (various Tilia species) 'Redmond' is a tough, faster growing shade tree with a more formal character (even when young) and attactive leaves and fragrant yellow flowers...the twigs are red which creates an interesting contrast...fall color can be a good yellow but is irregular...'Sterling Silver' has sharply contrasting silver leaf undersides and smoother bark when young...'Harvest Gold' is smaller in stature, to 30' tall and features yellow fall color and interesting textured bark Harvest Gold 7' sold out for 2017

Locust 'Purple Robe' (Robinia psuedoacacia 'Purple Robe') SUPER fast growing version of the native black locust but instead of ivory white flowers has beautiful purple/pink flowers in early June...will grow anywhere but swamps; but should only be planted in cultivated areas as it's seeds will invade untendered areas...this tree has thorns and will send up suckers that revert back to the white flowers...not for everywhere, but is attention grabbing when in flower 8-9' tall SALE $58


London Planetree 'Exclamation' (Platanus x 'Exclamation') Hybrid of our native sycamore and the oriental plane tree...common in European and Eastern American cities because it grows well in stressed, urban conditions...great looking bark is a mosaic of tan, brown and white...a very fast growing tree: 16 London planes planted throughout Cambridge in compacted clay/gravel/garbage soil are averaging 28" of growth annually...tough and trouble free...reaches 60' with time...this particular cultivar was developed by 'Chicagoland Grows' and is well-suited to our area 9' tall SALE $58


Pink Flowering (Magnolia x 'Ann' 'Jane' and 'Susan') Pictured above...left alone this magnolia is a vigorous, upright rounded bush...or, it can easily be trained into a small tree between 10-15' arrive in early May and are pink/white on the outside, white on the inside...bark is a striking smooth silver...very cold hardy (-30) and fairly quick-growing...a great patio tree or shrub. 'Ann' 2' tall SALE $28; 'Ann' 4-5' high SALE $58; 'Susan' 4' shrub sold out for 2017


White Flowering (Magnolia x stellata 'Centenial Blush') A slower growing magnolia with reliable, pleasantly-fragrant and dense pink-tenged white flowers in late April..will reach 15' high. 3' tall shrub sold out for 2017

Yellow Flowering (Magnolia x acuminata 'Elizabeth' or 'Butterflies') One of the few yellow flowering magnolias with upright, vibrant yellow flowers that appear mid-spring prior to the leaves coming out...grows to around 20' tall and is well suited to our climate and of our most-requested trees...cold hardy to -25 sold out for 2017

Maackia, Amur 'Starburst' (Maackia amurensis 'Starburst') Interesting and hardy (-30) 25' tall flowering patio ornametnal with white flowers in June and is pronounced Mach'-ee-ah...we've measured 18" average annual growth of the 12 Amur maackias planted in poorer compacted soils in Cambridge...amber-colored bark on smaller branches helps this tree stand out in the winter, similar to paperbark maple...leaves are Japanese beatle proof but literally have no fall color!...a great choice for subdivisions with low amounts of good topsoil 8' tall SALE $58


Maple 'Red Sunset' (Acer rubrum 'Franksred') 'Autumn Blaze' is the most common landscape maple but can be weak wooded...we offer a better choice: 'Red Sunset' has earlier-arriving, exceptional red fall color that lasts a long also has stronger branches and should stand the test of time without breaking...happiest in good soils (>18" of annual growth) but withstands wet and dry soils too 8-9' tall sold out for 2017

Maple, Hedge (Acer campestre and x 'Jade Patina') Durable small maple grows to 25' and then stops...small maple-styled leaves have excellent dark green summer color but reach a dull yellow in the fall...a good choice for subdivisions as it withstands poor soils and hot, dry conditions...interesting corky bark on smaller branches 8-10' tall SALE $48; 7-8' tall 'Jade Patina' SALE $58 


Maple, Japanese (Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood') Colorful burgundy leaves when planted in the sun; also tolerates shade but the leaves are usually a less vivid red in that setting...exceptional architectural shape and graceful branching...slower growing except when young when it adds 12" of annual growth with watering...will reach no more than around 15 feet at maturity 7-8' tall sold out for 2017

Maple, Paperbark (Acer griseum) Considered by insiders to have the best bark of any tree...a tree of extrememes locally: the slowest-growing tree we've ever measured, growing an average of only 7" annually; on the positive side no tree in Cambridge offers as consistently beautiful red fall color...check it out on the 300 block of North Street in October sometime...30' specimens in the arboreteum have been growing for 60 years! 5' tall SALE $88


Oak 'Heritige' (Quercus x) The best oak that we've planted tree planted in good soil in front of the Old Red School is averaging 36" of growth annually...thick and lustrous leaves aren't bothered by Japanese beetles...'Heritage' is a hybrid of bur and English oaks will grow in virtually all soils except those that are consistently wet 6-8' tall SALE $58

Oak: Red, Bur, Shingle and Chinkapin (various Quercus) All of these oaks are beautiful and easy to grow. Red oak is our go-to tree to plant in the shade of larger trees locally, though it won't grow as fast in the shade (8" annually on average for our seven trees)...However, in the sun we're recording 18" annual growth with watering. Bur Oak handles tough conditions better than nearly any other oak: wet, dry, compacted, gravel, rocky, clay soils, take your pick! excellent pick for newer subdivisions...even under terrible conditions bur oaks grow an average of 8' locally. Chinkapin Oak is the fastest growing oak we offer; nine trees planted throughout Cambridge are averaging 28" growth annually without supplemental watering...features serrated leaves and edible acorns! Shingle Oak once grew as far north as Rock County and has interesting lustrous leaves like a magnolia (no lobes!)...a shingle oak planted nine years ago on the 300 block of North St has averaged a respectible 18" of annual growth. 2-5' tall SALE $28-$38

Redbud, Eastern (Cercis canadensis 'Northland Strain') Our best-selling tree has one of the best spring flower shows around: a purple/red spectacle that appears on all branches, not just the prior year’s growth as with most flowering trees…also has attractive slate grey bark and heart-shaped leaves which emerge a reddish purple and turn to a warm yellow in the fall…Redbuds grow to about 20 feet tall at 12" annually…We offer a cultivar derived from northern provenance to assure hardiness to -30. 2-3' tall SALE $18; 8-9' tall 'Northland Strain' SALE $78


Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) all parts of this tree are interesting and aromatic...the roots were once used to make root beer and are still used to make tea...the leaves come in four shapes (ghost, football and both left and right mittens) all of which feature exceptionally deep-red fall color...we planted a sassafras in our front lawn six years ago and it's grown 23" annually with regular water...this tree needs full sun and good soil to thrive. 3' tall SALE $28

Scholartree, Japanese (Styphnolobium japanicum x 'Millstone') surely one to get noticed, this fast-growing shade tree flowers in late summer when little else does...the creamy white flowers arrive in late July and last through August...nice leaves are not bothered by Japanese beetles but have no fall color...trees planted in Cambridge three years ago are averaging about 24" annual growth without watering...grows in poor, compacted clay soils common in newer subdivisons, but not as fast. 8' tall SALE $68

Serviceberry (Amelanchier laevis) Single or multi-stem, depending on pruning...exceptional red fall color and edible berries that taste like blueberries...eventual height to 25'...growth of 10" annually locally. sold out for 2017

Sweet Gum: (Liquidambar styraciflua) This year we are offering the cultivar 'Rontindiloba' which has rounded leaves that really get noticed...also, the cultivar has no seed pods!...we’re seeing annual growth of 14” on the eight sweet gums planted througout Cambridge…Tolerant of wet areas, poor soils and constricted areas with limited room for root expansion. 4' tall 'Rotundiloba' $48

Sycamore: (Platanus occidentalis) 12 sycamores were planted in lousy soil throughout Cambridge nine years ago and they have proven to be one fast growing tree: averaging 28" annually without supplemental watering...the fastest growing tree in Cambridge, located on the 200 block of North Street, is now 40' tall and has averaged 48" of growth other tree we have planted in Cambridge has achieved this level of growth...drought tolerant and tough, sycamores will grow in virtually any setting: wet, dry, clay, gravel...we haven't lost a single sycamore tree which is really saying something given the conditions we plant them in...they also rarely need pruning due to nicely defined central leader. 3-5' tall SALE $28; 7' tall SALE $58

Tuliptree: (Liriodendron tulipifera) Fast-growing, spring floweing, majestic member of the magnolia family...street trees planted by the Cambridge Tree Project are averaging 15"+ of annual growth...trees that have been planted in residential lawns throughout Cambridge are growing more than 24" annually...leaves have the interesting tulip shape and remain disease free (Japanese beetles won’t touch this tree) well into autumn when they turn an excellent yellow color...not a good choice for areas with poor soil, especially new subdivisions 4-5' SALE $48

Yellowwood 'Perkins Pink': (Cladrastis kentukea x 'Rosea') A rare American native constricted to a few stands from Indiana to Arkansas; but fully hardy here in zone 5...considered to be one of the most beautiful large flowering trees...similar to wisteria, light pink flowers hang down 15" in the late spring...unique smooth gray bark similar to American beech...five yellowwoods planted locally are averaging 16" of annual growth...the leaves are a lighter green color that stands out among most trees planted locally...yes! this tree actually has yellow wood!..reaches about 35' tall and wide...if you ever are lucky enough to see one of these trees in flower you will have to have one! 7' tall SALE $68


Profits go directly toward planting trees in Cambridge and Rockdale common areas.

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