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May 5, 12

Crabtree: White Flowering

(Malus x 'Spring Snow' and ‘Red Jewel’)

Spring Snow is fruitless and quickly reaches 20-25 feet high, at over 20 inches of annual growth locally...the corner of High and North streets in Cambridge feature a block planting of eight Spring Snow crabtrees...another five trees can be seen next to the American Family Insurance office along Mill Street 4' tall $48 

Red Jewel grows to only 15 feet high and has persistent bright red fruit that is smaller than most crabs, making it less messy. 4' tall $48 


Dogwood, Pagoda (Cornus alternifolia)

This native dogwood (see pic above) boasts an attractively tiered, horizontal branching pattern with fragrant white flowers in bloom from late May to early June…one of the most interesting features of pagodas are their fruits, which are dark blue and positioned at the top of a reddish purple stalk….a small tree that reaches only 15-20 feet tall at a rate of about 12 inches annually…like most dogwoods, pagodas prefer life in the shade: best landscape conditions include a few hours of morning sun and then shade in the afternoon. 3-4' tall $28-48




Hawthorn: White and Scarlet Flowering (Crataegus x 'Paul's Scarlet' and 'Winter King')

Hawthorns are known for their four-season appeal...

Winter King has white flowers and tan and silver exfoliating bark (middle picture above) also has attractive and persistent red berries (top picture immediately above) 2-3' tall $38

Paul's Scarlet features unique red flowers with a splash of white in the middle (pictured immediately above)...persistent bright red berries add color during winter months and provide food for birds.

Both of these hawthorns have thorns and will grow to reach 20 feet high and wide. 8' tall $98; 10-12' tall $148

Hornbeam, American (Carpinus vinginiana)

A fine-textured understory tree with smooth silver bark similar to American beech...excellent choice for patios and in front of larger trees as it reaches only 20 feet tall and wide under landscape conditions…happily grows in sun or complete shade...we've recorded reasonably fast initial growth of the eight younger hornbeams planted throughout Cambridge: 18 inches annually...vibrant red to orange fall color...native along rivers and streams...also known as "musclewood" 2-3' tall $38




Pink Flowering Magnolias     

(Magnolia x 'Ann' and 'Jane' )

Pictured above...left alone these related magnolias are vigorous, upright rounded bushes...or, they can easily be trained into a small tree between 10-15 feet arrive in early May and are purplish/pink on the outside and white on the inside...bark is a striking smooth silver...very cold hardy (-30) and fairly quick-growing...a great patio tree or shrub. 'Ann' 3-4' tall $68; 'Jane' 3-4' tall $68 


White Flowering Magnolia                               

(Magnolia x stellata 'Royal Star')

A slower-growing magnolia with reliable, pleasantly-fragrant and dense pink-tinged white flowers in late April..will reach 15 feet high. 2' tall $38; 5' tall $98

 Yellow Flowering Magnolia

(Magnolia x acuminata 'Butterflies' and 'Elizabeth')

Pictured immediately of the few yellow flowering magnolias features upright, vibrant yellow flowers that appear mid-spring prior to the leave's emergence...grows to around 20 feet tall and is well suited to our climate and of our most-requested trees...cold hardy to -25 Butterflies 4-5' tall $88; Elizabeth 8-9' tall $188

Maple, Japanese (Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood')

Colorful burgundy leaves (pictured immediately above) when planted in the sun; also tolerates shade but the leaves are usually a less vivid red in that setting...exceptional architectural shape and graceful branching...slower growing except when young when it adds 14 inches of annual growth with watering...will reach no more than around 15 feet at maturity 3-4' tall $38

Redbud, Eastern (Cercis canadensis 'Columbus Strain')

Shown immediately above...our best-selling tree has one of the best spring flower shows around: a purple/red spectacle that appears on all branches, not just the prior year’s growth as with most flowering trees…also has attractive slate grey and reddish mottled bark and heart-shaped leaves which emerge a reddish purple and turn to a warm yellow in the fall…redbuds grow to about 20 feet tall at 12 inches annually locally…we offer cultivars derived from northern provenance to assure hardiness to -30. 3-4' tall $38; 3-4' tall 'Columbus' cultivar $48; 8-9' tall 'Northland Strain' $128

Serviceberry (Amelanchier interior and laevis)

Single or multi-stem, depending on pruning...exceptional red fall color (pictured immediately above) and edible berries that taste like blueberries...eventual height to 25 feet tall...growth of 10 inches annually locally. 3-5' tall $38 to 48; 8' tall $108

Profits go directly toward planting trees in Cambridge and Rockdale common areas.

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